You’ve Earned It!

An exclusive offer for the members of the GREEN blockchain community. 

Way To Go Green!

Save money, protect the enviornment and earn even more GREEN when you contribute solar power you generate at home to support the Green blockchain.

The Green blockchain community is growing and the network needs more renewable power!

Our community has always been committed to operating the world’s most energy efficient blockchain. In order to achieve our goals, we have created a unique opportunity for our members to upgrade their home to solar power. We have negotiated special pricing as well as additional members only incentives. Find out today what discounts and incentives you qualify for. Get a no obligation FREE quote to upgrade your home to solar.


Exclusive Green Community Member Benefits

Green Group Discount

Benefit from our pre-negotiated Green Group Discount program. Save up-to 10% or more off the total cost of ownership. If you decide to finance your solar system, special exclusive financing programs are also available.

Buy With GREEN

Reduce the overall cost of ownership even more when you use GREEN rewards as a down payment. Use GREEN rewards you have already earned or purchase GREEN out of the market using our new direct purchase program.

FREE Green Node(s)

Recieve a FREE Green Node when you purchase your solar system through our special group discount program. Now you can earn even more GREEN rewards!

Green will pay your power bill for the first 24 months.

Green will transfer to your Green App $150 value in GREEN per month for 24 months.

*based on the average power bill of $150/month

Refer a friend!

Refer your friends, family and neighbors! Receive an equivalent of $500 in GREEN for each referral.

Find Out Which Discounts and Incentives You Qualify For

Get a FREE no obligation solar quote today!


Why Solar?

Save Money. Protect The Environment. Earn Rewards.

Enjoy all the benefits of owning your own solar power plant at home.

Hedge Against Inflation

Go Solar using the Green Blockchain community plan and lock in your monthly bill for electricity. Energy prices are subject to inflation and other increases. When you lock your bill in, you protect yourself from rising energy prices.

Protect The Environment

Electricity is largely generated using fossil fuels and other harmful methods. When you install and operate a solar system at your home, you contribute to the overall reduction of green house gases helping to protect our environment.

Reduce Your Power Bill

In most cases, operating a solar system at your home will reduce your overall cost for energy. Depending on your particular circumstances, you could save tens of thousands by upgrading your home to solar power.

Spend Your Power.

Did you know you can reduce or eliminate your monthly solar bill by using GREEN digital rewards?