Set Power Free

On the Green Blockchain

With best-in-class software, the world’s most efficient blockchain technology game-changing innovations, and the industry’s  most innovated rewards program. Green is working to ensure a  sustainable future for decentralized blockchain networks.

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Adopting change inspired by vision and guided by values.

Our vision is to provide for a sustainable blockchain. Today more than 50,000 Green SmartNodes have been deployed by thousands of Green users. Our network continues to make investments in renewable energy projects that support mission and vision of Green.

Green continues to attract the best operators, engineers, technicians and developers with leading technologies and game-changing innovations.

Global Commitment

We’re working to show the world what a sustainable blockchain looks like. Every day, you’ll find us striving to develop a decentralized network of nodes capable of supporting blockchain process while rewarding and incentivizing renewable energy contributions.

Decentralized Network

Our decentralized community includes developers, engineers, architects and thousands of decentralized node operators. Each member of our community contributes time, talent, resources and power to help achieve the mission to set power free.

Green at Home

Earn Green

Earn Green rewards when you operate a Green SmartNode at home.

Maximize Green

Generate your own renewable power at home with a residential solar system.

Use Green

Reduce or eliminate your monthly power bill when you pay with Green

The Green Blockchain is operated by thousands of decentralized node operators around the world. Many Green SmartNode operators use Green to reduce or even eliminate their power bill.

Green for Business

Mining at Scale

Operate a commercial grade node operation to earn Green

Commercial Solar

Generate your own power with a commercial solar system.

Data Center

Contribute unused computing power to earn Green