Energy + Blockchain

Blockchain technology is beginning to transform modern energy.

Innovative entrepreneurs around the world are beginning to reimagine how virtually every industry can significantly benefit from the power and ingenuity of blockchain technologies. No other industry is in a position to benefit more than healthcare. From the decentralization of medical research data, doctor patient interactions, healthcare records, biometric monitoring, diagnostics and more—there can be no doubt—healthcare is primed for blockchain innovation.

Imagine The Possibilities

The possibilities for impacting healthcare are limitless. Blockchain innovators are working to leverage blockchain technology that will fundamentally impact every aspect of healthcare.


Decentralized medical research improves access and reliability.


Improving doctor patient relationships and reducing medical errors.


Using proof-of-action protocols blockchain can incentivize healthy living.


Providing a global network for innovation in healthcare protocols.

Get In Early

One blockchain is leading the healthcare revolution.

The Blue blockchain is one of the most important healthcare blockchain projects of 2021. The global COVID-19 pandemic revealed a variety of previously unrecognized challenges facing the modern healthcare system. Access to qualified healthcare providers for health conditions unrelated to COVID became strained due to unforeseen pressure and the virulent nature of the  severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) virus.

In response, an innovative community of developers and node operators created the Blue blockchain. Blue seeks to improve access to board certified healthcare providers through its blockchain supported telemedicine application. Blue has also reimagined healthcare by leveraging a novel proof of action protocol and smart contract to incentivize and reward healthy choices.


Making healthcare more affordable and accessible through telemedicine.

CodeBlue offers individuals, families and businesses a unique health plan with unlimited access to board certified physicians supported by the Blue blockchain. An innovative way to deliver one-on-one patient interactions for urgent care, primary care, mental health and the Blue Pharmacy.


Rewarding healthy living using novel proof-of-action protocol.

The Blue blockchain uses a novel proof-of-action protocol that enables users to earn Blue rewards by setting healthy goals and achieving them. The Blue healthy rewards app is integrated with the leading health and fitness biometric monitoring devices enabling users to earn rewards by making healthy choices.


A fast, convenient and affordable way to get the prescriptions you need delivered right to your door.

The Blue Pharmacy combined with the Blue Rx Discount card make obtaining the prescription medication you need fast, convenient and affordable. Supported by the Blue blockchain, medications are more affordable than ever.


Developing powerful new technologies to promote research and innovation.

The Blue community includes advanced medical research facilities who are working to develop more accurate diagnostic systems, data security technology, and advanced therapeutics supported by the Blue healthcare blockchain.

Blockchain Software

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There can be no doubt — blockchain technology will impact every industry in the world. Right now is a unique time in the evolution of blockchain technologies. Early adopters are participating in the blockchain revolution. When you get in early — you benefit from low prices for node software and you can help guide the decisions which will impact the future of the blockchain.

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Don’t Miss Your Opportunity

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