Become a Prosumer.

Maximize your Green rewards when you produce your own renewable power.

Prosumers produce and consume their own renewable electricity. By installing solar at your home or business—you maximize the value of your Green rewards.

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Every installation is different. Our team of solar engineers create a custom design for your home or office.

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Our experienced solar consultants help you every step of the way. We provide planning, financing, analysis of benefits, and installation.


Our installation partners provide only the very best, top-tier, solar technology.


Maximize your Green rewards when you produce your own low cost renewable power.

Experienced Solar Professionals.

Our team of experienced solar professionals can help you navigate the planning, financing, and installation of your own solar power plant at your home or office.

Green Solar is staffed by a decentralized independent group of highly-trained solar consultants. We work with the top engineers, technicians, finance companies, and installers who support the Green Blockchain.

Green is making solar even more affordable by enabling you to convert power collected from the sun into stored digital rewards. Rewards can be used to help offset the overall cost of adding a solar power plant to your home or commercial building.

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